spacex tests starship mk1, bulkhead explodes during test, says elon musk

SpaceX Tests Starship Mk1, Bulkhead Explodes During Test, Says Elon Musk


American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company SpaceX conducts a test at the Boca Chica test site. Starship Mk1 experienced an explosion during the test yesterday, and its top bulkhead flew off with dispersing frozen vapor over the launch area. But it will not affect the orbital flight test, says SpaceX. The footage captured during the test conducted. It will help for the observing at the top and bottom of the Mk 1’s fuselage. Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder, unveiled the Starship with more than 50 upgraded versions.

Methane and Oxygen tanks filled with cryogenic liquid for capacity check with highly pressured conditions. The Starship Mk1 consists of three Raptor engines for flying and returning from a distance of 20Km from the earth. This test aimed to pressurize the whole system to the maximum extent. Hence, after an evaluation of test results, further improvements can be made accordingly. There was no severe damage or injuries reported after the test. The Mk1 and Mk2 are getting ready as per schedule. The company will repair Mk1, and tests shall be conducted again. The data and results collected during this test will be helpful for the modifications in Mk1 as well as Mk2 and Mk3. Construction of Mk3 planned on the Boca Chica test site.

Mk1 three Raptor engines were developing for a limited span of kilometers, but Mk3 designed in such a way that I would cross an altitude of 100km from the earth surface. Mk3 has Thirty Seven Raptor engines that are able to run in Positive as well as in Negative pressure (Vacuum). 30 engines design based on sea-level operation, and another seven are vacuum-optimized raptors engines. The Mk3 is a Super Heavy launch vehicle and final design for the Starships.

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