Google To Bring In 'Eyes Open' Face Detection Feature in Pixel 4

Google To Bring In ‘Eyes Open’ Face Detection Feature in Pixel 4


Following the launch of Google’s Pixel 4 and 4 XL, several glaring flaws have been found in its face recognition system. Pixel 4 has a face detection feature to unlock the phone but it does not require the owner’s eyes to be open. This has come out as a major security concern in terms of privacy and security. Google has taken cognizance of the matter and said it will soon be coming with an eyes-open feature to fix the issue. Google is currently working on a face unlock feature which will require eyes to be open. This update is supposed to be launched in the coming months.

Pixel 4 has an unlock system quite similar to the iPhone which uses infrared projectors and cameras to create an accurate map of the face. However, the iPhone unlock feature requires to eyes to be open to unlock the device unlike Pixel 4. Although Google has promised to come up with improved feature update it is uncertain how long it will take to rectify the issue. Last week, some of the Pixel 4 users and a BBC reporter Chris Fox complained about the faulty facial recognition system. The company has acknowledged the same on the support page of Pixel 4. The officials have advised concerned users to enable lockdown mode by pressing the power button for a few seconds. Lockdown mode will deactivate the facial recognition feature until the user unlocks the device on his own.

On the other hand, Google has incorporated much faster face unlock with a motion sensor which stimulates the process as users reach for the phone. There has been a clear trade-off between the speed and security in Pixel 4 implementation. In the meantime, people who are already using Pixel 4 can opt for security features like Pin, Password, or pattern to unlock their device. As Google is going to introduce the new face unlock feature update, we hope it meets security requirements as strong biometric and it can be used to safe and secure payments. It is also expected to be resilient against invalid unlock attempts.

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