google aims to make changes in its search algorithm to focus on original news reporting

Google Aims to Make Changes in its Search Algorithm to Focus on Original News Reporting


Content plays a crucial role in news reporting, but being authentic and original is most important. Nowadays, there are many news sites across the web. Currently, Google offers various news via its news portal. Besides, this story is about the news. Once again, Google aims to change its search algorithm for news. Reportedly, the search engine giant is going to attempt to pinpoint original reporting, which will raise in its search results. In this regard, it has dispensed a new set of instructions to its team, which includes tens of thousands of human proofreaders. Those people assist the company in training algorithms that actually deploy search rankings.

So users will get news articles that detail original reporting in Google’s search results. The move could draw difficulty for the media, which has prospered around the habit of clustering unique and novel news reports. Richard Gingras, VP of news at Google, said while Google reveals the fresh and most extensive version of news results. As per the executive, they have made changes in the service globally to focus on original reporting. He said such authentic articles might remain top-ranked for a long period of time. This precedence will allow users to view the trustworthy news while taking a glance at more current materials.

The news arrives as Google is facing antitrust scrutiny due to its supremacy in the online advertising market which is affecting other industries like news media. Currently, a group of 50 attorneys across the U.S. are studying the probable antitrust violations. The ongoing investigation is a result of previously offered proofs by news industry professionals. Already, the executives had proved before Congress regarding the condition of the media as Facebook and Google manage growth in proceeds of online ads. In the end, Google’s aim to promote original content might be a minor change which marks higher importance for news media websites.

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