following a healthy diet reduces the risk of kidney diseases by 30%

Following A Healthy Diet Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Diseases By 30%


As we all know following a healthy diet helps to keeps diseases at bay and helps the body to function optimally. New research suggests that maintaining a healthy diet helps in reducing the risk of suffering from kidney disorders or Albuminuria. Researchers at the bond university in Australia assessed dietary habits of more than 630,000 individuals over 10 years. People who opted for fruits, veggies and fish instead of processed junk food, sugary drinks were 30% less probable to develop chronic kidney diseases. One may get affected by the incurable condition ranging from symptomless disorder to failure in kidney functioning. Results obtained from the study help in supporting significant benefits of sticking to healthy eating habits. Lead author of the study, Dr. Jaimon Kelly stated that these result said in public health prevention programs for chronic kidney diseases. NHS recommends patients to consume fruits and vegetables abundantly as well as limit sugar and saturated fat intake. It is unclear whether following a healthy diet could prevent this condition in the first place. Researchers analyzed 18 studies which studied more than 630,000 participants who were tracked for about more than 10 years on an average.

For the study, healthy diet included consumption of fruits vegetables, dry fruits, legumes, grains, fish as well as dairy products low in fat.In addition, avoiding processed meats and sugary drinks in necessary. Eating as per standard recommendation reduced participants’ risk of kidney diseases or kidney damages by 23%. Protein plays a vital role in muscle building and repairing tissues.

Scientist suggests people who stick to Mediterranean or DASH diet may get great benefits. Clinical trials and enough follow up time to confirm whether changes in dietary pattern helps in favorable kidney outcomes. More than 1.8 million individuals in UK have chronic kidney disease as per NHS statistics. And a million additional may be underdiagnosed. CKD many times occurs due to some conditions that put a strain on kidneys such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.

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