Cannibals Ants Society Stranded in Nuclear Bunker is Not Just Thriving but Out for Surface Invasion

Cannibals Ants Society Stranded in Nuclear Bunker is Not Just Thriving but Out for Surface Invasion


The colony of ants was stranded and left when they fell into the forsaken bunker. This bunker was meant to be the house for nuclear weapons. Now, this colony of ant resorted to necrotic cannibalism not just to survive but to thrive. This abandoned and decrepit nuclear weapon storage bunker is in rural Poland, and the colony of ant that fell into it is called Formica Polyctena ants. This colony of ant is checked recently by a team of researchers of the Polish Academy of Science. Professor Wojciech Czechowski led this research team, and in the research, the team found that the number of ants didn’t shrink at all. Although entrapment of the colony in the abandoned bunker had cut them off from any source of nourishment yet, they are proliferating.

These ants commonly termed as European Red Wood ants. And for those who shrink at the thoughts of radiations and insects, the situation is worst, as these little red creatures have found a way out of their shady post-atomic prison. The bunker, which was the tomb for several small ant colonies that cut off from their mother’s nest, and instead, it became a launch-pad of thriving cannibal critters for surface invasion. But why these ants are cannibals? Well, according to scientists, there is nothing down in that darkness that can be an ant-food other than desiccated dead bodies of their fallen kin. As if cannibalism and radiations were not enough, what adds up to the creepiness is there’s even more to this story because scientists believed that these ants should not be able to reproduce in the very first place. And according to the recent publication in the Journal of Hymenoptera Research, all the critters present in the colony were worker ants and no queen in-sight whatsoever.

What the world needs right now? Super-ants? That’ve been battled and tested their way out by the perfect combination of pitch darkness, nuclear storage, and the appetizing dead bodies of their clans. But what is noteworthy that wood ants aren’t a danger to humans, as rather than life-threatening events, their bites are considered rare annoyances. But for now, it is safe to be distant from the Polish countryside unless there is a professional anteater who is willing to lead.

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