Amazon Rolls Out ‘Home Mode’ For Home Security


Alongside the overflow of Echo devices, tech giant Amazon has announced two new versions of its Ring Stick Up security cameras, a refreshed model of the Ring Stick Up Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam, called Home Mode. This will allow Alexa to have a conversation with the person standing at your door. The new Stick Up Cam is almost like its previous edition which was refreshed by Amazon last year. It comes with 1080p video and night vision along with motion detection like the previous version. The new Stick Up Cam still has wired or battery power but it now has a solar-powered version too. The device has a weather-resistant cylindrical frame which allows it to be mounted outside or indoors. The new version has a slightly inferior field of view but Amazon says it is 30 percent cheaper at USD 99 compared to prevision one which was priced at USD 179.99. The device is available on pre-order today and will start shipping on October 23.

The tech giant also announced an Ethernet powered Ring Stick Up Cam Elite for a more reliable connection. It will cost USD 199 but the release date has not been announced by the company. Meanwhile, the Ring Indoor Cam is fundamentally a tiny version of Ring Stick Up Cam and it works only when attached with a power outlet. Compared to the new Stick Up Cam’s 60mm×60mm×97mm, it measures just 46mm×46mm×75mm. But its field of view is slightly wider when compared to Ring Stick Up Cam which has 110 degrees horizontal and 57 degrees vertical. It has 115 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical and other features like night vision, two-way talk and motion detection is exactly similar to the larger model. It will cost just USD 59.99.

Beyond that, the tech giant also announced the Retrofit Alarm Kit which can be used with Ring Alarm system by simply plugging into an existing home security system. The company has not provided all the details about its functionality but says it will cost USD 199 and can come bundled with a Ring Alarm Hub for USD 375.

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