Garmin Fitness Watches Getting Period-Tracking Feature via OTA

Garmin’s Fitness bands are coming with the additional useful feature, which will allow the female users to keep track of their menstrual cycles. With the help of Period-tracking feature, the Garmin Fitness band users can check the Menstrual cycles and also log the additional details about the periods to get updates. The company is sending the Over-the-Air update to all of the fitness band users to activate the period tracking feature. With this option, Garmin Smartwatch and Fitness band users will get the reminders about their menstrual cycle and fertility capabilities, just like Apple Watch and Fitbit Bands.

The period-tracking feature is developed by “All Female” team, in which the female staff controls all of the departments. As the female userbase much requested the feature, Garmin finally took steps to release this feature. The female users can now activate the feature and log the menstrual cycle details from Garmin Connect app to the smartwatch or fitness band. Susan Lyman, Garmin’s vice president of global consumer marketing, said that the all-female team would appropriately address actual wants of the women.

Most of the fitness band and tracker developers are lazy in implementing the features that are requested by the female userbase. Thankfully, all of them are interested in applying them in the smartwatches. Garmin is the third one that has implemented the same. The users will soon receive a software update, which they have to install to active the period-tracking feature. The highly customizable feature in Garmin’s devices will allow the women’s to modify the period cycles, regularity, and provide additional details if there are any. Based on the inputs, the feature will provide reminders and warnings to the users. Not just these, but the sleep and calories burned during the menstrual cycle will be recorded for getting an accurate idea of the health condition.

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