Tips for Staying Secure When Using Uber and Lyft Services

Tips for Staying Secure When Using Uber and Lyft Services


Recently, the ride-hailing company Uber announced it’s a first social report, which published some problematic statistics. In 2017 and 2018, there were 95 severe car crashes, including Uber, with 107 accidents. Seventeen people hit in physical assault, five of whom were drivers. The report also acknowledged 3,047 reported sexual crimes, including Uber customers or drivers. Uber’s competitor, Lyft has also been competing with passenger security issues, with numerous reports describe sexual assaults of riders. Uber calls its report aggressive move concerning clarity and stresses that the numbers are small compared to the overall number of rides simplified by the platform. According to the detail, the maximum of Uber trips stops without any safety-related issue.

Some advocates are determined to see Uber publishing this data to the public. Maureen Vogel said NSC acknowledge Uber taking the spontaneous step and publishing its reports. Transparency plays a vital role and is much needed. Compiling and sharing data is a positive first step for Uber. Customers can’t depend upon Uber’s circumstances rate data to make the correct decision. Uber requires to keep its target on the absolute numbers of incidents, including all the damages. That would be indications of a real change in Uber’s culture.

Before gets in Uber or any other car, everyone needs to take some precautions. Familiarize with safety tips the app sends to riders. Never share details like a phone number on this app. While traveling makes sure that individuals phone is a charge. Always check the vehicle, whether it is right or not, before starting the ride. For sitting in the car, the best place is to sit behind the driver’s seat, so it’s difficult for the driver to touch you. Be an alert where the ride is headed towards, especially if you are not aware of the area. Uber and Lyft apps have functions that to share all the details about the journey with individuals family or friend. If passengers feel they are unsafe, then they need to exit the trip as soon as possible, and then they should be called to police.

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