The rare particle finally proves its existence, releases traces

The rare particle finally proves its existence, releases traces


Axion, the unique particle, as reported by the physicists, has been finally spotted being in the discussion for over 40 years now. Few traces of axion have been found. It is a big deal as the particle is said to not interact with normal matters. According to scientists, the debatable dark matter is made up of axion. However, scientists are not trying to find the rare particle in the outer space. The particle’s mathematical signature has been found on Earth, residing in an ‘exotic’ material. The semimetal, a supercool material, is said to have axion as its electron wave. This situation is an unsolved particle physics problem, and the discovery of axion could be the first step towards problem-solving.

Being a part of the dark matter itself, axion stays unreactive with the matter normal in nature. This difference makes it almost impossible to trace the rare particle axion. “The long CP problem” could be solved by the axion detection. Despite their difference in nature, the laws of physics are the same for them due to reasons yet unknown. The unexpected charge parity symmetry seems like the only explanation here, but the scientists find no reason for it to exist in this phenomenon. Due to the unreactive nature of axion, the telescopes already in use are not the first choice for the scientists. To detect axion, they concluded using condensed matter.

The team of researchers worked with Weyl semimetal. In this material, electrons pretend to have no mass with their behavior and do not interact. Frank Wilczek, an MIT theoretical physicist, and Nobel Laureate, states, “It’s encouraging that these equations [describing the axion] are so natural and compelling that they get realized in nature in at least one circumstance”. Axion got searched for as an independent particle, also alone one. The whole experiment lets other researchers know how and where to look for these particles.

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