study shows young people are addicted to smartphones

Study Shows Young People Are Addicted To Smartphones


A smartphone is that thing that is eating every person’s time, sleep, and, most importantly, productivity. There are several case studies which show how the overuse of smartphone is negatively affecting people’s health. Now there is the latest one which states that young people have become so much addicted to a smartphone, it’s affecting their mental health. A study shows that more than 23% of the surveyed young people have found to be addicted to their smartphones. Smartphone addiction might be a new phenomenon, but that means people who don’t get along with it feel frustrated, anxious, and might lose their control.

This study shows this smartphone addiction, which might be looking not that much severe but has long term mental health consequences. The study involved analyzing more than 42000 young people, and after doing that, they found more than 23% of them are addicted to their smartphone, which is affecting their other productive activities. Researchers said they don’t know whether it’s a smartphone or people’s overuse, which is creating this problem, but parents are advised to keep track of these things.

Previous health studies stated that the use of smartphone effect on people’s emotions, and it could create mental health problems like depression, anxiety also. People who solely depend upon smartphones get carried away with that tech device in every possible way and reduces their focus, concentration, etc. Experts already said in previous studies that people who tend to do multitasking while using a smartphone have less attention, and the task they perform gets unproductive over some time. Experts think parents should be getting more serious about this over-usage of smartphones among young children since such things can do more damage than anyone’s expectations. Screen time restriction is the method which is used by many parents for stopping children from overusing smartphone or television.

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