NFL thanksgiving moments of all times.

NFL thanksgiving moments of all times.


Thanksgiving Day is traditionally brought by the three F’s, which are Football, family, and food. Thanksgiving Day is said to be the best day of the year even if one’s favorite team is not on the field, because Thanksgiving Day football has brought the NFL some of its best and famous moments. While Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys play every year, players from those teams have not produced some of the best moments from the final Thursday. Given below are some top moments from Thanksgiving Day games over the last several years.

During 2006, the Dallas Cowboys gave Tony Romo a shot. Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe at the very beginning of the season. Romo threw five touchdown passes. He had also passed 306 yards and was only sacked once. Back in 1976 Buffalo Bills running back O.J. Simpson had a historic game on Thanksgiving Day. Simpson had rushed for 273 yards in the game, setting a massive record for most rushing yards in the game at that time. In the year 2014, Peyton Manning won the NFL MVP award, and his Thanksgiving Day performance against the Detroit Lions was a turning point on an incredible season in which he tossed 49 touchdowns. One more infamous Thanksgiving Day moments happened in the year 1998 in the NFL during the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Detroit Lions involving a coin toss ahead of their overtime session. Jerome Bettis was all set to call the coin flip. Bettis had appeared to call tails, but referee Phil Luckett said heads is the call. This controversy made NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue change the coin-flip rules and have the captain make the ball before the referee tossed the coin.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had become the living, breathing reminder of the butt fumble when he attempted to scramble in the game against the Patriots. He had lipped and ran right into his teammates behind, which made him fumble the Football. New England had won the game, 49-14. On the other side, the butt fumble had quickly become an NFL sensation that resonated with fans across the world.

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