It's Official That Disney+ Now Has 26.5 Million Subscribers

It’s Official That Disney+ Now Has 26.5 Million Subscribers


Managing a big company is hard, but when there is a big company like Disney, they try to make sure they are investing in the correct market segment. Disney+, which is new to the movie streaming market and launched by Disney a few months ago, has already become popular among movie watchers. The official report released by the company shows that now Disney has got more than 26.5 million paid subscribers. Movie streaming industry is already at its verge of highest growth because every other etch and entertainment company has decided to put their money into this market.

Even though Disney+ came late as compared to Netflix, Hulu it’s becoming a massive brand among movie bingers. It’s not a surprise the company has gotten such a great response because of the launch date it managed to fetch more than 10 million subscribers in a single day. Even though this number doesn’t make Disney+ as the most significant movie streaming platform still, it reveals there is a vast scope for any company which is providing some better services than current rivals.

Disney+ rival Netflix, on the other hand, is ruling over movie streaming service with 167 million paid subscribers worldwide. However, Netflix India has also got some right amount of subscribers out of this number and users in South Asia are getting services of movie streaming from Netflix at cheaper rates as compared to the USA. Disney+ still hasn’t released in India, but recently they announced their partnership with Hotstar to launch in the Indian market. Netflix increased the prices of theri subscription plan, which affected their user base but not that much which analysts were expecting about it. Disney+ along with ESPN+ and Hulu is creating a small but effective way of dominating the movie streaming industry.

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