ford's mustang mach-e all-electric suv revealed

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E all-electric SUV revealed


Ford introduced the battery-powered Mach-E utility vehicle on 17th November 2019, marking the first time the Mustang’s name was used in addition to the two-door sports car. As Ford’s first dedicated electric car, the Mach-E is a compact utility vehicle that is the same size as Ford’s “Easy Walk” but has a sportier look and is infused with Mustang-influenced styling cues. By 2025, the Mexican-made car will be the first of 16 electric cars that Ford has introduced worldwide. Five Mustang Mach-E models will be launched in the second half of next year, including range and performance, including two battery size options and a diversity of rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive powertrains. Prices range from US$ 44,995 to more than US$ 60,000 applying for state and federal electric vehicle tax credits.

All Mustang Mach-E’s are designed with the same four-door hatchback and can accommodate five seats and the waterproof trunk under the hood complements the rear cargo area. The digital dashboard is located behind the steering wheel, while the 15.5-inch touchscreen layout occupies the center of the dashboard and is equipped with Ford’s future-generation Sync4 infotainment system. Depending on the configuration, the Mustang Mach-E can travel between 210 miles to 300 miles between charges, and the rear-wheel-drive version is deployed with the longest battery life. California Route 1 looks like it will be the cheapest, with a reserve price of US$ 51,500.

GT’s top products are designed to provide the performance of a muscle car that is evoked by the Mustang name. It is powered by an all-wheel-drive system rated at 429 hp and 612 lb-ft. Ford says it can accelerate to 60 mph in three seconds, making it almost as fast as the Ford Mustang GT500 and making it the same as the most powerful Tesla Model Y coming soon. However, Ford estimates that the GT has a cruising range of 235 miles, while the Model Y has a cruising range of 280 miles, while a similar price is US$ 62,125. Unlike Tesla, Ford has not promised to provide any automatic driving function for the Mustang Mach-E in the future, but it does provide driver assistance system electronic driving with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-centering assistance. Auxiliary system. It is also compatible with Ford’s keypress feature, which allows the driver to turn the vehicle on and off using the smartphone app.

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